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PLANNING for a Season, Practice, Match

Learn the theory and practical applications of Planning your season right down to your practices to maximize your teams development in training and progress towards peek performance at the seasons end.  Build on last seasons success by planning the progressions of your players individual and team components; we will look at Physical, Technical, Tactical, Mental components as well as human growth and development factors that impact individual progress within your Team Structure.

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Whether you like it or not, your team has a culture; Providing the best experience and greatest chance at success for your athletes starts and ends with the everyday values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that manifest themselves in your team environment.  We will develop a plan to build the culture that you want in your program as well as a method to get the message across to all participants, coaches, players, parents, etc.

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MANAGING Difficult Parents

We believe that parents are all thinking and acting from a place of love and caring for their child.  Not all parents, however, behave and act in a manner that truly benefits their children or the team/club.  If Parents are not educated on how to parent the elite athlete, or how to properly handle questions and opinions, their interaction can become toxic; we will derive strategies to educate parents, players and coaches on the expectation and norms that you would like to create, then strategies to follow up with parents when difficult situations arise, we will even act as a Neutral Party in figuring out how to handle tough conversations.

DEVELOPING Systems to look out for the Athlete First

In a social culture where there is more emphasis put on winning medals than developing athletes, we believe that coaches and clubs need to take a step back and devise a system for maximizing athlete development to help them get where they want to go and develop the skills to be successful on and off the field of play.  Changing the mindset of Clubs, Coaches, Players and Parents can be difficult; education, planning and follow up are necessary to ensuring the effective growth and development of the people we are working with.